The Bachelorette Commentary

I know this isn’t really literary, but I had to say something about what’s going on with the show. lol

First of all, I think Emily seems very sweet. As for the guys, wow, what a great group of people they are. Now I would have kicked Kalen out when he shushed me the first time, and I would have kicked Ryan out for his weirdness in the beginning, but I would have been wrong about Ryan. He is so gorgeous and so neat. Yeah yeah I know. I must have better things to do with my time than talk about the lives of these people, but I get into it, I don’t have a guy, and that’s all I’ve got to say on that matter.

I have really been impressed with the guys. I know I’ve said that, but they all seem so sincere. So good.

As for Emily getting upset with the guys this last week because no one told her what Kalen had said about her daughter, I’d have to disagree with how she handled it.

What I saw was all those guys being very concerned, angry, and protective of Emily and Ricki. I didn’t see what Emily saw…no one having her back. And I also didn’t get how she felt so disrespected, how she said no one told her, when Doug was the one who, as soon as he heard about it, sat her down and was honest with her. Wow, way to go, Doug. He really showed his greatness there. I don’t think any of them deserved the anger that Emily showed toward them. It’s not like they all let her shuffle along, and even pick Kalen in the end, and THEN tell her.

Anyway, if I were a bit younger, and really skinny (I can and do plan to fix the skinny part; can’t do much about the age part), I’d say “hey ya’ll” to any of those guys, because they are the best group I’ve seen on there. And don’t even get me started on how I drooled over them wearing Romeo…and even the Nurse…costumes. Wow. It just seems like there’s a group of guys that have integrity, honesty, compassion, and good looks.

And I’m sorry that Alejandro was kicked off because he was a sweetheart. Maybe he should be the next Bachelor???

That’s all for now.